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We've assembled the dream team of streaming options—all to give you more control, choice, and affordability. And don't worry sports fans. There's something for you, too.

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Local sports? Yes, please.

It's like cable, but without the contract. Get the best of both worlds with live TV, your favorite national, regional and local sports, access to premium channels, and OnDemand entertainment all in one place.

  • • Choice Package offers access to local sports games with MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA and 36 regional sports networks

  • • Enjoy up to 150+ channels of live TV and 65,000 on demand movies and shows

  • • Simultaneously stream on every screen in your home with DIRECTV STREAM compatible devices

  • • Month-to-month entertainment with NO annual contracts required

  • • No dish or cable box required
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Streaming FAQs

Streaming TV is entertainment transmitted over the internet, using a streaming device or smart TV, instead of a cable box or satellite.

Cable TV is constantly getting more expensive and often includes more channels than you would ever want to watch. With streaming services, you can pick and choose the content and channels you love, more affordably, without the contracts, and without the fluff.

In addition to live TV, with streaming you can access low-cost or free streaming services that offer movies, shows and documentaries that match your interests. Watch your favorite content wherever and however you want.

TV streaming services can run anywhere from free up to $99+ depending on your wants and needs. Visit MyBundle's Marketplace to get up to date price information on every streaming service and live TV platform.

No. Your streaming services will be billed individually through each streaming platform and will not be included on your Gateway Fiber bill. For example, if you subscribe to Hulu, you will be billed each month by Hulu.

With MyBundle, you can sign up for a free account to access all of your subscriptions in one place. Sign up or login in to your MyBundle account here.

The best part of streaming services? They come without the contracts. You can start and stop at any time, for any reason.

There are, generally, two different ways to get your local channels without cable. One option is to get an indoor or outdoor TV antenna to tune into local channels for free. Another option is to find a live TV streaming service that offers access to your local channels.

You can search MyBundle's Marketplace or input your favorite channels into MyBundle's recommendation tool to find which streaming service will work best for you.

If you'd like to enjoy streaming content on your TV, you'll need a Smart TV or a streaming device. Most newer TVs come equipped with Smart TV capabilities. This allows you to connect your TV to your Wi-Fi network or modem and access your streaming service apps directly on your TV.

Alternatively, a streaming device such as a Roku, Amazon's Firestick, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast, will turn your TV into a Smart TV. With a simple interface, streaming devices allow you to use streaming apps and watch your favorite shows and movies.

Most streaming apps are also compatible with smart phones and tablets for content wherever you go.

Learn more about choosing a streaming device here.

Yes. To set up streaming services on your Smart TV or streaming device, your device will need to be connected to the internet.

Our symmetrical, 100% fiber optic internet provides the fastest, most reliable internet you'll need to stream live TV and all of your favorite shows and movies. Learn more about the benefits of fiber internet for streaming here, and order Gateway Fiber's lightning fast internet here.

We've partnered with MyBundle to help simplify your streaming TV experience. MyBundle's suite of free tools help you eliminate the work needed to find streaming services that have the content you actually want.

Whether it's finding a replacement for cable or satellite with the channels you need, discovering new streaming services that match your interests, or deciding what to watch next — MyBundle can help. And save you hundreds of dollars and hours in the process.

Get the bleeping fast internet you need to stream live TV.

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