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What are the benefits of adding fiber internet to your community?

Economic Development

Businesses demand better internet connections. File sharing, cloud server connectivity, video conferencing, and other high-demand online needs can overwhelm an older internet network, bogging down productivity and costing the company valuable revenue. Fiber optic internet has the capacity, speed, and security to help businesses run more smoothly.

Drive Competition

Many communities currently only offer one internet provider for residents and businesses, pushing up prices and reducing service levels. Adding a fiber internet option can keep prices in check and offer some healthy competition where everybody wins.

Increase home values

Offering fiber internet to homeowners can increase home values by up to 3%. About one-third of homes in the United States have access to fiber internet, which makes the technology a true differentiator that buyers seek in new homes. Adding fiber internet to the city can be a financial benefit to individual homeowners and the whole community.

Attract businesses and talent

Today’s companies need fast internet to compete, whether they’re brick-and-mortar businesses or remote workers. Offering high-speed fiber internet as an option makes your community more appealing. Fiber interest offers speeds up to 65x faster than traditional internet.

Gateway Fiber Fast Facts

Highest Customer Satisfaction

Gateway Fiber has the highest customer service score among internet providers in the area, raising the bar in an industry with historically low numbers.

All-inclusive pricing. No confusing hidden fees, no contracts, no surprises. No kidding.

Simple Pricing

Case Studies

Working closely with local and federal governments allows us to bring much-needed fiber internet to previously underserved communities.

Gateway provided free Wi-Fi in Dardenne Prairie City Park.

Dardenne Prairie, MO: A major upgrade with community-wide benefits

  • Gateway’s future-proof fiber optic network allows residents to access the internet with hyper-fast symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gig, speeds only possible with fiber internet.

  • 4,200 homes + free Wi-Fi to City Hall Park

  • City officials and event holders can now streamline programming for community events, fairs, festivals, and concerts where fast, reliable internet is essential

  • Residents and park visitors enjoy fast connections for hundreds at a time.

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The NTIA grant funding is bringing high speed internet to previously underserved areas.

Government grants focused on improving connectivity in rural areas

  • In the fall of 2022, the National Telecommunications & Information Agency (NTIA) awarded $288 million in grants to improve broadband infrastructure nationwide

  • Missouri was awarded $42 million, of which Gateway Fiber received $10 million, the largest amount awarded to any ISP in the state

  • 5,000 homes in the grant area

  • Most of the area has little or no existing internet service

  • Project completion expected in late 2023

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Praise from Community Leaders

“Fiber optic internet has been a game changer for Lincoln County. Residents and businesses now have access to higher speed internet than ever before, fueling tremendous growth.”

Julie Rodgers
Executive Director of Lincoln County Economic Development

“Not only do our residents now have access to the fastest internet in the area, but Gateway even installed a complete wireless network at our main city park so anyone using the park can access the internet for free.”

John Gotway
Mayor of Dardenne Prairie, MO

“We are thrilled to have Gateway Fiber enter our market as another internet provider. They will be the first to offer residential fiber and bring fast and reliable internet to our residents.”

Sal Maniaci
Community and Economic Development Director, Washington, MO

Our Construction Process

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