How we safely install the fiber network

Who Builds the Network?

Building a fiber optic internet is no easy task. It takes a great deal of experience and knowledge. So, we bring in experts.

Gateway Fiber does not directly employ any construction crews. Instead, we work with experienced contractors who specialize in the work required to ensure the fiber optic infrastructure is installed correctly and safely. All contractors and subcontractors are vetted, insured, and approved to perform their work.

These crews are the ones who build the mainline fiber network in your neighborhood.

Once the backbone of the network is built, Gateway-employed technicians finish the last step by connecting the fiber inside your home and getting you up and running.

After that, we maintain the network to bring you reliable high-speed internet like you’ve never experienced before.

What Safety Protocols are in Place?

Before any digging starts to lay fiber in the ground, each resident is notified with door hangers that include project and contact information as far in advance as possible.

The excavation contractor will:

  • Call Missouri One Call to mark utility lines before any digging starts

  • Survey and document job site conditions

  • Confirm location of all utilities

  • Assure utilities are exposed and the bore passes visibly through the pothole during the process both before and after. Minimum clearances as set forth through state statute shall be maintained during the whole excavation process.

If existing utilities cannot be potholed, crews and local officials will meet to discuss how to proceed safely.

For visual surface reference of the bore path, the ground will be marked with the bore head depth every 10 feet or each time a rod is added, whichever is greater.

Work stops immediately if the crew encounters abnormal conditions or previously hidden hazards and will resume only after all is clear.

All crews survey and document job site conditions using SiteRight to collect locates and potholes after completion.

A third party audits the process and verifies the use of an app called SiteRight by LaunchPoint.

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