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Account and Billing

Gateway Fiber offers fast, reliable 100% fiber-optic internet with powerful Wi-Fi at symmetrical speeds and without data caps, hidden fees, or other unpleasant surprises.

Whether you are working from home, streaming your favorite movie, video calling Grandma, or conquering the latest game, all those activities require fast, reliable internet for a great experience. Don't be restricted by slower speeds that get bogged down even more when everyone at home is on their favorite device. Whether wired or over Wi-Fi, the more people use an internet connection, the slower it may go. So it's important to have higher speeds available so that everyone can use the internet without slowdowns.

Megabits (Mbps) and gigabits (Gbps) are units of measurement for the speed in which information travels through the internet. Gigabits provide higher speed than megabits, and 100 megabits are ten times faster than 10 megabits. We offer a range of speed options from 300 Mbps to 2 Gigs for all your internet needs. Picking one depends on a number of factors, including how you use the internet and how many devices will be on it at the same time. We can help talk you through the options.

A symmetrical internet connection means that the data speed and file transfer rate are the same in both directions, i.e., download and upload speeds are identical. For example, streaming video is downloading, whereas sending a file is uploading. Video conferencing is both because you're sending and receiving video at the same time. Symmetric connection speed is super important to avoid lag in either direction. Most internet providers offer slower upload speeds because of the limits of the copper cables they use. Our network is 100% fiber optic, so that limitation magically vanishes.


It's a really simple process. Once you sign up for service, we reach out to you to schedule a meeting at your home with our installation engineer, who will talk you through the process from start to finish. Installation typically takes two weeks following the initial meeting.

Installation is broken into two parts. Outside installation is first, where we run the fiber optic cable from the pedestal (fiber nerd speak for the mainline) into a narrow trench we dig through your yard to your home and connect it via a NID (grey box full of wizardry) that hangs inconspicuously on the outside. Then we install your router and set up the Wi-Fi inside your home in a separate appointment later. After that, it's surf's up! For more details, see our Installation article.

Please contact us at 888-201-4339, Option 2, to reschedule.

Land restoration is very important to us. It’s our goal to be minimally invasive, so we strive to make it look like we were never there. If there is ever an instance where things are not restored to their previous condition, please contact us immediately and we will work to rectify the situation. If construction work has wrapped up in your area, and you notice that your property has yet to be restored, please fill out a ticket here or give us a call at 888.201.4339 option 2.

Yes, but if you use your own Wi-Fi system, please make sure that it fits the recommended specifications. Please note that the Gateway Fiber support team will not be able to support Wi-Fi systems manufactured by third parties. We highly recommend using the included Plume mesh network for optimum performance.

Our Terms of Service prohibit running a server for commercial purposes. However, personal, non-commercial usage of servers that complies with our Acceptable Use policy is fine, including using a virtual private network (VPN) to access services in your home and using hardware or applications that include server capabilities for uses like multi-player gaming, video-conferencing, and home security.

Gateway Fiber Internet owns and supports the connectivity hardware provided by our service technicians. If the provided equipment breaks, we will replace it at no charge. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at 888.201.4339 Option 2.

Yes. Our Wi-Fi allows multiple accounts and passwords including guest passwords. Need to give the babysitter limited access? No problem. How about your weekend guests? Set their password to expire Sunday night. You have total control.

A modem and Wi-Fi router are included at no charge. If you have a large home or thick walls that requires a signal boost, you can lease additional Wi-Fi units for $5 each per month. Please contact us at : 888.201.4339 Option 2

Yes. For residential customers, Gateway Fiber is an internet-only provider. In most cases, you will be able to keep your existing cable and phone services. However, we do offer residential phone service for $15 per month. We do not offer TV service, but with Gateway's fast and reliable Internet connection you can stream TV through popular streaming services using your smart TV or a device such as a Firestick or Apple TV, typically at a fraction of the cost of your current cable package.

It might. Call us at 800-201-4339 and tell us what you're having done so we can determine if we need to move your connection point or make any other changes.

Even though you own your property, typically the city or county owns a small sliver between your yard and your neighbor's yard that allows them access to utilities. We work with your local government to run our fiber through the easement. See this blog post that explains easements and right-of-ways.

Fiber optic cables offer higher speeds and more reliable service and transmit data upwards of 100x faster than traditional copper cables, which have limited bandwidth and transmission speed. Fiber cables use light rather than electronic pulses to transmit data so the signal travels farther without losing speed or signal. This means all your streaming services will stream, not stall, and you won't lose the game because your internet was too slow.


No way! We want you to use and enjoy all of your super-fast Internet. There are no caps or limits to the amount of data you can send or receive. And we don't throttle back, ever. It's full speed all the time.

Yes. Your Gateway Fiber internet service includes powerful Wi-Fi designed to give you access to high-speed fiber internet throughout your home. You can use your existing Wi-Fi if you prefer, but we can't offer the level of support you would get with ours. Switch to ours. You'll like it better.

We use Plume, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use mesh network that delivers consistent signal strength throughout your home.

To take full advantage of a Fiber 1000mbs connection, you’ll need a computer or laptop that supports a gigabit (in geek terms, this means having a 1Gbps 1000BaseT network interface card). Most newer computers and laptops already support gigabit speeds. But if you’re not sure if your computer or laptop does, consult your computer documentation and look for the following terms: 1000baseTx or 1000Mbps or 1Gbps or GigE.

No. Wi-Fi is slower than wired connections. However, the Wi-Fi technology in our mesh network provides great connectivity throughout your home or business.

Account and Billing

Sign in to the Gateway Fiber website with the email address and password associated with your account. If you have forgotten your password, there is an option to reset it. If you receive a log-in error, your email may need to be verified by Customer Service. Call us at 888-201-4339 and we will be happy to send you a new link and temporary passcode.

You can call us at 888-201-4339 and press option 2. Our representatives will be happy to assist you with making any changes to your service. There is no charge to change plans. We simply adjust your bill next month to reflect the change.

That depends. We have four billing cycles, depending on when your service was installed. We bill a month in advance, so your first bill will be prorated for the month you signed up and the next month, so it will be a bit higher than your normal bill moving forward. We chose four billing cycles instead of one to reduce the amount of your prorated first month, saving you a bit of money upfront. For example, if we only billed on the 1st of each month and you signed up on the 2nd, you’d have to pay almost a full extra month.

We will email your monthly bill according to the schedule below:

Installation Date Range

Bill Date

Bill Due Date













This is due to the date your service started. If your installation was completed before your billing cycle began, your first bill will be a little higher. Don't worry, this only happens once. Your next bill will be back to normal.

We accept credit and debit cards with a Visa®, American Express®, Discover®, or MasterCard® logo or automatic bank account withdrawal. Or you can mail us a check each month.

By default, we send you an electronic bill via email at no charge. If you prefer a paper bill, we can send you one, but there is a $5 per month charge.

If your internet goes down unexpectedly, please call us at 888-201-4339 to report the issue so we can hop on it. If we experience an unexpected outage in your area, we will email you to let you know.

To start your move process, contact our customer support team at 888-201-4339 and press option 2.

Devices that are hardwired to your new router will receive all the speed and bandwidth promised. Wireless speed depends entirely on the wireless network within your home and varies based on several factors including distance from the wireless connection point to the device, obstacles in between them, and environmental factors.