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If you live in Lake St. Louis, Missouri, do you sometimes feel like your internet options are limited? Do slow upload and download speeds make you beg and plead? Are you suffering from buffering? Well...maybe it’s time to go big with GIG!

Why Lake Saint Louis Deserves the Fastest Internet

Okay, enough with the rhyming. Let us tell you why Lake Saint Louis deserves the best internet providers.

As a planned community situated around two lakes, Lake Saint Louis was designed in 1966 to be a private recreational lake community. These days, approximately 14,000 residents live and work in Lake Saint Louis, and this number is continuing to grow as both residential and commercial properties are developed.

Also, with the City sitting between two major highways (Interstate 70 and 64), it is highly accessible for those traveling in or out of the city. For example:

  • At just 37 miles away from St. Louis, many people from Lake Saint Louis commute into the large downtown area for work.

  • On the flipside, many people from St. Louis travel to Lake Saint Louis for a weekend getaway, which fuels the community’s tourism.

For these reasons, reliable and fast internet access is no longer just a luxury— it’s a necessity for quality of life, economic benefit, community development, healthcare, education, and tourism.

Business and Home Internet Plans for Lake Saint Louis

Whether you live or work (or both!) in Lake Saint Louis, there are many benefits to switching to a fiber internet service.

For businesses, a high-speed fiber broadband network enables you to be more productive and open up new services to Lake Saint Louis visitors. After all, visitors expect to be able to do things instantly like post photos and videos of the beautiful Lake community from their tablets, smartphones, and computers. You need to be able to accommodate those needs.

For homeowners, our Wi-Fi mesh network from Plume adapts to your entire family’s wireless needs on the fly. This means letting households do more with their leisure time, no matter where they are located, even in secluded areas. On that note, these smaller communities still sometimes feel they are left behind. Many internet service providers (ISPs) don’t care about you and your family and see you as nothing more than an account number.

You’re not an account number to us! We care about your community because it’s our community, too! Gateway Fiber can offer businesses, families, and our neighbors in Lake St. Louis:

  • The fastest speeds from 250 Mbps to 1 GIG

  • Wired internet connection -- more stable than 5G

  • Unlimited data -- no caps, no throttling

  • Plenty of bandwidth to support your smart home, no matter how many gadgets you connect

  • Free modem/router

  • No surcharges or hidden fees

  • Download and upload speeds maximized

  • No activation fees

  • No installation charge

And if you’re someone who relies on a home phone service, we have you covered there, too, with a single line for only $15 per month. Check out our offer details!

Powerful High-Speed Internet for Missouri - Contact Us Now!

We're building a more powerful internet, and that starts with deploying the region’s most reliable and awesomely fast fiber optic network designed entirely for modern wireless internet usage in Lake St. Louis.

That means you can spend less time waiting and more time on what matters— unwinding by yourself after a long day or streaming a movie with the entire family. Whatever the case, our cloud-based technology optimizes connectivity based on your needs, your family’s, and all of your devices’ (unlike other mesh Wi-Fi networks).

Our first priority? YOU. It is our mission to positively impact the communities we serve with our reliable, 100% fiber optic network and our commitment to an incredible customer experience. 

We stick to the basics of good service. Like arriving to installs on time. Forgoing complex promotional pricing schemes. Answering our phone when it rings. And last but certainly not least: simple flat-rate pricing! No data caps, no contracts, and no installation fees for residential customers. Novel, right?

Smarter Connectivity

There is a lot more to it than just an amazing ability to surf at lightning speed (although that by itself is pretty awesome). There are so many possibilities now at your fingertips.

We make Wi-Fi with whole-home coverage another top priority. From connectivity to control to security, we cover the bases to ensure you always have a strong signal — on all your connected devices — from anywhere.

See if you can get bleeping fast speeds. Contact us today! 

We currently serve customers in Wentzville, Dardenne Prairie, Troy, Moscow Mills, Winfield, Old Monroe, Hawk Point, Warrenton, and Wright City. We would love to be the best internet service provider in Lake St. Louis. Contact us today or check your address to see if our services are available in your area.

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