May 13, 2024

Gateway Fiber Releases New Broadband Consumer Labels

Rate and Speed Transparency Program Rolled Out Six Months Ahead of FCC Deadline

Our 1 Gig (1,000 mbps) label, for example, shows everything you need to know about the price, speeds, and expected performance. No tricks, no gimmicks, no hidden fees.

As part of Gateway Fiber’s continuous commitment to pricing simplicity and making things easy for the customer, the high-speed internet provider is launching their Broadband Consumer Label program months ahead of the FCC's deadline. Larger providers with 100,000 or more subscribers were required to implement their label programs by April 30, with smaller providers required to comply by the end of October. By implementing their label program in May, Gateway Fiber is six months ahead of the deadline. 

The new Broadband Labels are similar to the prominent nutrition labels found on food products. The new labels provide customers with clear, consistent information about prices, performance, network management practices, and other critical plan details. 

The FCC's push for true internet cost transparency comes after years of frustration from customers dealing with confusing pricing, hidden fees, unclear performance metrics, and other murky service practices. The labels aim to empower consumers and encourage more fair competition in the broadband marketplace. The new labels allow consumers to easily compare different internet plans and understand exactly what they are getting for their money. 

"Transparency and simplicity for our customers are values we have embraced from the beginning, which is why we are rolling out these new FCC labels well ahead of schedule," said Gateway Fiber Chief Marketing Officer John Meyer. "It's always been our intent to do what's right for the customer. This just reinforces our desire to be straightforward and easy to do business with." 

Key information on the label includes: 

  • Prices: The total monthly price for the plan after any promotional pricing ends, including all mandatory fees and taxes. 

  • Performance: Typical download and upload speeds and latency consumers can expect during peak usage periods on a hardwired connection. 

  • Network Management: Disclosures on any data caps or usage fees, network management practices like prioritization of internet traffic, and any other factors affecting performance. 

  • Other Plan Details: Fees for early termination, modem rental, data overage, and any other charges, and the full length of any contract, where applicable. 

Gateway Fiber's Broadband Labels are now available on their website:

For more information about the Broadband Consumer Label program and requirements, click over to the FCC’s website.

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