January 29, 2024

Gateway Fiber Continues Commitment to Bridging the Digital Divide with $6,465 Donation to PCs for People

Community-focused Gateway Fiber is proud to announce a donation of $6,465 to PCs for People, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable computers and internet access to underserved communities. This charitable contribution is the result of Gateway Fiber’s initiative to expand its reach by installing internet services in both Missouri and Minnesota.

From December 15, 2023, through January 6, 2024, Gateway Fiber successfully completed 431 new internet service installations in communities in Missouri and Minnesota and donated $15 per installation to PCs for People.

“At Gateway Fiber, we believe that access to high-quality internet is critical in today’s digital age,” said Heath Sellenriek, CEO of Gateway Fiber. “We are thrilled to support PCs for People in their mission to bridge the digital divide by providing affordable computers and internet services to those who need it most.”

PCs for People is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to leveling the playing field for digital access. Through initiatives like refurbishing and distributing computers, providing affordable internet options, and offering digital literacy training, PCs for People works tirelessly to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the digital world.

“We are deeply grateful for Gateway Fiber’s commitment to our cause,” said PCs for People CEO Casey Sorensen. “Their generous donation will enable us to continue our mission of ensuring everyone has the opportunity to access the benefits of the internet and technology.”

The $6,465 donation from Gateway Fiber will provide 65 new computers to help continue PCs for People’s mission, supporting their efforts to empower individuals and communities through access to technology. This collaboration reflects Gateway Fiber’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and its vision of creating a more connected and inclusive society.

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