Questions about our new business speed tiers?

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Take a look through our most Frequently Asked Questions below.

Interested in upgrading to 2 Gig?

As one of our valued business customers, we’d like to make sure your current equipment can facilitate our 2 Gig speeds. Please fill out the following form to let us know the MAKE and MODEL of the ONT and Wi-Fi router you currently use.

If you are using Gateway’s Plume device, just check that box. We’ll be in touch to schedule a technician to visit your location to upgrade you to a new Wi-Fi 6E Plume Superpod.

We have introduced higher speeds at the same prices, so your monthly rate will not change. If you were on the 250 Mbps plan, your speed automatically increased to 600 Mbps at no charge and with no upgrade fee. Same thing if you are on the 500 Mbps plan, which is now 1 Gig for the same price.

If you are on our 1 Gig plan, you have the option to stay at 1 Gig OR upgrade to our new 2 Gig speed tier for the same price. We'll just need to know what equipment you're currently using to see if it can handle 2 Gig speeds.

All business customers now have the option to take advantage of our NEW 2 Gig plan for even more speed and bandwidth to power up your business.

No, this is a totally free upgrade. There is no extra charge for the faster speed. We are introducing new speeds to bring even more value to your Gateway Fiber business internet service. Your monthly bill will remain where it has always been. The higher speed is our gift to you.

No, both the ONT/modem and the Plume Superpods you are currently using are equipped to handle the new speeds. You can receive the faster service without getting new equipment.

If you'd like to move to a different speed tier, send us a message through the contact form at the top of this page. Or give us a call at 888-201-4339 anytime Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

Time is money. If you upload or download large files, back up your network to a cloud server, process orders, or transfer any sort of files that typically take a long time, those run faster on a 2 Gig network, limiting the amount of wait time just to move on to the next task.

And it's not just about the lightning-fast speeds — it's the ability to provide those fast speeds to an entire business full of devices at the same time without lag or interruption. With the increased number of internet-connected devices, many businesses see a need for even more bandwidth than ever before. 2 Gig service makes that happen.

For existing customers, our current Plume Wi-Fi Superpods will need to be replaced with new higher-speed, Wi-Fi 6E Superpods, which we provide at no extra charge to you. We will send a technician to your home/business to replace the equipment at your convenience.

If you are using your own equipment, please use the form at the top of this page to let us know. We can verify if your equipment is capable of 2 Gig speeds, or if you'll need to upgrade your ONT/Wi-Fi devices.

Please check any devices you plan to connect to be sure they can handle the higher speeds of 2 Gig internet. Not all devices, especially older ones, can take advantage of the higher speeds.

New customers signing up for the 2 Gig service will be provided with the upgraded equipment upon installation. Please check your electronics, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and any other devices that will be connected, to be sure they can handle 2 Gigs of speed.

No, there are no installation fees associated with any of our plans. For new customers, the installation process for multi-gig is the same as any other speed tier. For existing customers looking to upgrade to multi-gig, we’ll simply need to schedule a time for one of our technicians to swap out your equipment

You can check your speeds anytime by running a speed test here.

There are a few factors that affect the speeds you get. The first thing we suggest is to run a speed test with a device wired to the router/modem to ensure the signal reaching the home is running at full speed.

Running the speed test on a wireless connection will not always show the speed you may expecting, as Wi-Fi is often not as fast as the wired connection, especially if the wireless device is far from the router/modem or there are obstacles such as wall and appliances in the way. For example, on a 1 Gig speed plan, we would expect to see the full 1 Gig speed coming from your router/modem. However over a wireless connection, we would expect to see that speed run closer to 500 Mbps.

Check out this blog post for factors that can affect internet speed.